ESG - Environmental, Social, Governance

Environmental Metrics Tracking:

  • DMS tracks lagging indicators & key performance indicators (KPI) to spot trends & improve EH&S performance

Criteria Pollutant Emission Reduction:

  • DMS uses both oxidation & non-selective catalytic reduction (NSCR) catalysts on engines to reduce overall Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) , Carbon Monoxide (CO), & Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions.
  • DMS uses electrified compression in lieu of gas fired compression when sufficient power is available
  • DMS combusts natural gas during maintenance events in lieu of venting gas to the atmosphere resulting in lower VOC emissions
  • DMS uses low to zero emitting Tri-Ethylene Glycol (TEG) dehydration units where feasible resulting in lower VOC emissions
  • DMS has implemented a routine pigging program designed to maximize pipeline efficiency & reduce VOC emission events.
  • DMS has implemented a program to control emissions from produced water & condensate storage tanks.

Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction:

  • DMS has implemented an instrument air program for new facilities & is phasing out the use of field gas as motive gas at existing facilities lowering overall methane emissions from pneumatic devices and pneumatic pumps.
  • DMS has implemented a venting & flaring policy to ensure natural gas is combusted in lieu of venting to the atmosphere resulting in lower overall methane emissions.
  • DMS routinely determines is lost & unaccounted gas (L&U) to determine effective ways to increase its overall gas capture resulting in lower methane emissions.
  • DMS uses acid gas injection technology to sequester approximately 40 K MT of C02 per year increasing to ~ 80K MT of C02 by CY 2023.

Spill and Release Mitigation:

  • DMS periodically monitors for leaks at its gas plants using both conventional leak detection & optical gas imaging (OGI) technology. Leaks are repaired timely
  • DMS monitors its compressor stations for leaks using OGI technology. Leaks are repaired timely.
  • DMS utilizes fixed wing aircraft to fly its gathering system and compressor stations in search of leaks. Leaks that are identified are repaired timely.
  • DMS has implemented a spill & release policy that contains provisions for timely notification, repair, & cleanup of all spills & releases
  • DMS conducts routine audio, visual, & olfactory (AVO) inspections of its gathering system facilities. Identified leaks are reported and fixed timely.

Compliance with state and federal environmental laws:

  • DMS has implemented an Environmental Management Information System (EMIS) that tracks state & federal compliance tasks. Tasks are monitored to ensure completion and close out by DMS environmental personnel.