Sequestering Greenhouse Gases with Acid Gas Injection Well Operations


Durango Midstream operates 2 Acid Gas Injection (“AGI”) facilities to sequester carbon dioxide (“CO2”) and hydrogen sulfide (“H2S”) at both Maljamar and Dagger Draw plants.  Durango Midstream sequestered almost 40,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) in 2021. 

Electronic Flow Measurement Solar Powered Panel Metering Stations

Durango Midstream operates over 1,500 electronic flow measurement (“EFM”) solar panel powered metering stations generating a combined output of approximately 125,000 kilowatts of power annually.  EFM operations reduces vehicle milage and emissions by over 75% compared to dry flow measurement operations.

Electric Compression

Approximately 25% of Durango Midstream’s compression horsepower is electric motor driven in New Mexico

Flyover Pipeline Leak Detection (on left) | Compressor Bypass valve leaking not leaking (on right)

Durango Midstream leverages Forward Looking Infrared (“FLIR”) camera technology to pinpoint the exact location of emissions originating from various field components (pipelines, valves, flanges, tanks, etc.), and to identify thermal hot spots and electrical anomalies in our processes to improve operating reliability by mitigating potential equipment failures, and disruptions that could lead to emergency flaring and  venting.

Pipeline Integrity


Durango Midstream leverages cathodic protection, hydrostatic testing and pigging operations to maintain the integrity of our pipelines and to mitigate potential releases.  In addition, we install pipeline markers, administer 811 “Call Before You Dig” and maintain a public awareness program to ensure safe operations.